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News and Human Nature

Founded by David Spaulding, in collaboration with the Human Nature Forum, initiated and run by Frederick Spaulding, News and Human Nature is an online news-magazine with Dr. David Williams as Editor-in-Chief & Writer/Cartoonist, dedicated to investigating Human Nature from different angles while examining (in context) actions, motivations, and forces that lie below the level of consciousness, which create the weekly news. We cover a variety of disciplines from the Sciences and Humanities, while also looking into any new developments that might shed light on homo sapiens--us.

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David Williams Phd, author of The Trickster Brain: Neuroscience, Evolution, and Narrative, holds a BA in Anthropology as well as a M.A. and PhD in English Literature & Writing.  He has worked in an interdisciplinary fashion his whole life: Emmy winning songwriter for his environmental work with PBS, cartoonist for many newspapers and magazines, children’s author with Random House, fiction writer, science writer, gypsy jazz & blues guitar & violinist.  He is also a literary songwriter in americana and folk and has been a professor of Creative Writing and American Literature at a number of universities in the US.  Delving into neuroscience and evolutionary psychology some 15 years ago, David began to feel that many of the paradigms he learned from the Humanities were wrong and that the Humanities and Sciences needed to come together to portray a more accurate view of our species.  This led David toward a biological approach, following scientists such as  biologist-- E.O. Wilson and neuroscientist-- Antonio Damasio, believing that current advances in neuroscience, sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, and genetics, are providing a more factual and verifiable explanation of who we are.


David Spaulding

Frederick Spaulding

David Williams

News events are reported every day of the year, around the clock. What this website is about is making the connection between the most important news of the day and the aspects of human nature that cause these events to occur and be reported. The writers on this site will offer commentary on the issues of our time especially interactions between people and show that there are fundamental human traits that underlie those interactions. The objective is to draw attention to the importance of our basic human predispositions in hopes that we can strengthen our ability to channel those predispositions in ways that are healthy for humanity as a whole. David Williams will be our focus commentator on this site. Our founder David B Spaulding has chosen Williams due to his writing ability and his specific perspectives on human nature.

This site is affiliated with the Human Nature Forum. If you are interested in writing human nature based news commentary for this website please contact me at

All the best, Frederick C. Spaulding Director Human Nature Forum

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