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David B Spaulding

Nine Assertions on human nature

What is human nature?

Human Nature is a combination of biology and environment defined by what we do and think.

  1. Human Nature is entirely a function of the brain.

  2. We understand human nature by observing the evidence of repeated and pervasive behavior of humanity across time and cultures.

  3. Human nature is best understood through the analysis of documented facts not through speculation and suppositions that can not be supported by observable facts.

  4. Humans have a lot in common with other animals and are separated by only very small differences.

  5. Genetics is important to understanding human nature in terms of how we are defined at the cellular level and in terms of how pervasive traits are passed on to future generations.

  6. The study of human societies is important in understanding human nature because societies are set up to accommodate human nature with varying degrees of success.

  7. Cooperation is extremely important and essential to a successful society. The study of conflict resolution is one example of a way that we can improve our ability to cooperate and avoid conflict.

  8. Human Nature applies to large groups in understandable ways based on human history and contemporary research. Individual human nature is much more complex and as yet can not be fully understood or predicted.

  9. Human bias is an important factor that makes it difficult or impossible to see individual human nature clearly, especially our own individual nature.


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