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Science Daily digest on human evolution

Neanderthals were the world's first artists, research reveals

"Recent research has shown that engravings in a cave in La Roche-Cotard (France), which has been sealed for thousands of years, were actually made by Neanderthals. This research was performed by Basel archaeologist Dorota Wojtczak together with a team of researchers from France and Denmark, whose findings reveal that the Neanderthals were in fact the first humans with an appreciation of art."

No scientific evidence for cognitively advanced behaviors and symbolism by Homo naledi

"A new study casts doubt on claims that Homo naledi, a small-brained hominin dating to between 335-241,000 years ago, deliberately buried their dead and produced rock art in Rising Star Cave, South Africa. Recent articles suggested the recent excavations at the Rising Star Cave system provided evidence of at least three burial features, two in the Dinaledi Chamber and a third in the Hill Antechamber cavity. The group of experts have now called for a deeper dig into the science behind the findings."

New research exposes early humans' ecological versatility

"University of HelsinkiSummary:A recent study sheds new light on the ecological adaptability of early humans at the time when they first expanded their range outside Africa, 2--1 million years ago."


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